Gabi Broekema
Visual journalist
Gabi Broekema is a visual journalist currently based in the heart of Wisconsin living in the town of Wausau at the base of the dairy state's tallest mountain, Rib Mountain. Her new home of cows and quiet follows a logical progression. As Broekema sought out the place closest to the outdoors and the sky in her vast four towns of coverage area as the sole visual storyteller in USA Today's central Wisconsin Network after spending six months gazing at America's Mountain, Pike's Peak as she interned with the Gazette in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Broekema's photojournalistic experience spans the past five years as she traveled the world through a six-month internships with MLive: Kalamazoo Gazette Branch and a study abroad experience at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark while simultaneously maintaining her home base in Bowling Green, Kentucky as she worked to complete her bachelor's degree from Western Kentucky University in May 2023.

In her personal life, Broekema enjoys budgeting her days off to visit her friends across the world, and her hobbies consist of anything that gets her outdoors exploring the vast nature of wherever her love of photojournalism takes her.

Photo courtesy of Gunnar Word
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